HDB Renovation

Unmatched HDB RENOVATION from DC Vision

HDB renovation is offered by DC Vision. We are a dynamic, agile, and enthusiastic workforce that specializes in the interior design of homes and workplaces. Furthermore, we curate a unique client focus that creates and delivers good, sustainable, and future-ready renovation works! Moreover, our renovations ensure you are living in a home where everything is classy and fresh. In addition, with our innovative approach, we can improve your workplace. Consequently, the investors or clients will love to visit, spend time, and do long-term business with you after visiting your workplace. Our unique ways of performing every work can transform the way you live and work.

Moreover, we are one of the excellent renovation contractors in Singapore because our projects refine a high level of perfection. Furthermore, we work as a team to bring desirable differences to the way your home or workplace looks. The motto of our team is to align with your vision, business objectives, financial budgets, and stakeholder expectations. Thus, you can expect highly personalized renovation work from us.

Home Renovation Contractors in Singapore

DC Vision is a reliable interior design consultancy when anyone needs to hire home renovation contractors in Singapore. We blend our projects with traditional and contemporary designs that transcend trends. In today’s world, people relate the status of any person with homes that have a modern and aesthetic look. Hence, we bring the most versatile world-class designers who will undoubtedly give your home a classy aura right from the entrance.

We lead with the best in-house contractors in Singapore. Moreover, every element that they curate shows their high commitment, experience, knowledge, and creativity. For us, renovation
of homes is more than a way of earning a profit; we crave to make our clients feel satisfied.

At every stage, we offer high-value consulting advice for home renovation in
Singapore. In addition, we create innovative spaces that accurately reflect the
company’s brand values and culture.


The way we renovate and build model homes; it always adds something more to our portfolio. We integrate transformational renovation strategies to enhance speed, quality, and flexibility. Furthermore, to reduce cost by using the best-in-class digital technology. The traditional home renovation works were unpredictable, inconsistent on performance and design, and risk cost overruns and time delays. Our integrated lean methodology allows our designers, technical teams, and project managers to collaborate to eliminate risk and deliver a outstanding outcome.

We are here to provide the highest level of interior design and renovation services to match your needs. Our creative ideas and innovative solutions are able to retrofit projects and can turn an ordinary home irrespective of its size into a place similar to a luxury-class living space.

Prominent Reasons to Hire Renovation Work of DC Vision

Our High level of Commitment and Work Style

We work for the highly sophisticated people of Singapore who desire to have a fresh, unique, and modern look to their homes. Hence, to fulfill our clients’ needs in the way they want, we recruit experienced yet enthusiastic Interior Designers, Interior Architects & other professionals who can do the best jobs. Our dedicated and impeccable home renovation in Singapore works has made us a top brand.

Our Commercial Renovation Work Approach

We approach commercial and office interior design with a malleable mindset, seeking to emulate your brand’s identity and aesthetic.

Our Analysis & Creativity

Our passion for design extends to events, photo shoot styling, and even holiday decorating. From office parties to home renovations, events, we focus on showcasing our brilliant interior design vision.

We genuinely believe that with good design, any space, regardless of its condition, can create a sense of peacefulness.


Our team of Interior Designers holds a wealth of knowledge and skillsets that enable us to meet the different expectations of our customers in residential and commercial projects. We are well versed in the latest design trends to create distinctive interior spaces, which are simply unique and beautiful.


Our renovation work represents a unique panorama of elegance, style, unmatched designs, diversity, and colors. Hence, our interior design works will be captivating for anyone. Additionally, we are there with our clients at every step, from making layouts, supervising the site, and helping our clients purchase, order, and oversee budgets.

Our Planned Renovation Work

We take up renovations and new constructions, planning and decoration from flooring to false ceiling, electrical, plumbing, furniture designing, and wall art. We give attention to detail, and the level of our interior design service is unmatchable. Every client has a dedicated interior designer to follow their project from start to finish ensuring a personalized service delivered to uncompromisingly high standards.

Our Space Planning

At DC Vision, we aim to bring a mark of quality to all areas of your house, from the quality of build and attention to detail. We bring high-end luxury to your residency through our home renovations in Singapore. We possess over ten years of expertise and experience in delivering opulent and multi-purpose interior renovation works.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering clients the visibility over all aspects of the project and costs.