Create a Beautiful Hotel Bathroom in your Home with these 3 Tips

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Have you ever stayed in a five-star hotel and always wanted to have a bathroom like the one you saw in the hotel? Often, one of the most elegant and lavish features of upscale hotels in their bathrooms. Hotels try hard to pamper their guests in all possible ways. And there is nothing inherently wrong with that.All of us visit hotels to relax and chill. So, these hotel owners try hard to pamper us.

One of the best tactics that they use is to decorate their hotels with excellent interiors. Obviously, this is the first thing that A guest will notice as soon as they enter a hotel. And what is the second thing that the guests notice? It is obviously the way the bathrooms are decorated. Nothing can stop a hotel from getting repeat sales if they manage to provide their guests with an opulent bathroom.This is only because there are a bunch of people who are very particular about their bathrooms and want them to be perfect.

So, if you are someone who enjoys staying in hotels just because of the kind of bathrooms that they have, do not worry; there are several ways in which you can definitely bring these bathrooms into your home.

Yes! You heard it right—it is possible to construct a bathroom that gives you the vibe of a five-star hotel. And it can be made more easily if you opt for our premium and affordable interior design and home renovation services. We are one of the best interior design agencies in Singapore.

To help you get a lavish bathroom for your space, we have listed down some ways in which you can definitely create a beautiful hotel bathroom for your space.

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 1. Opt for gorgeous lighting

One of the simplest ways to give your home bathroom a hotel look is by upgrading your lighting. To choose the perfect kind of lighting, you need to look at your bathroom with the eyes of a designer and not the way you usually look at it. Think: where will your designer place the lights? To get the best hotel look for your bathroom, you need to ditch that traditional light bar above the mirrors and instead use sconce lights on either side of the mirror. If you are blessed with a lot of space in the bathroom, you can even opt for pendant lights as they are going to give a trendy look to your bathroom. Lastly, you need to get a new piece of mirror that goes best with these new lights.

modern interior desing

2. Invest in a tub

There is nothing better than adding your dream tub or an oversized tub to your bathroom. The standard size of a bathroom tub is 32 inches wide and 60 inches long. But since you want to give your bathroom a different look, you need not stick to the standard tubs and instead opt for a free standing tub. Doing this will help you bring a sense of lavishness to your bathroom at home.

Create a Beautiful Hotel Bathroom in your Home

3. Use white color

Another technique that you can try to get a luxurious bathroom look for your home is by using a lot of white. All you need to do is start by using white cabinets and countertops, as this is going to help you create the perfect backdrop for a simple yet elegant and expensive-looking bathroom. Once you are done with the countertops, you need to start painting your walls with a light neutral color. Now place some bath towels and rugs that are white in color. By doing this, you are trying to create a high-end bathroom for your home. Lastly, you should purchase some neutral-toned accessories to tie the entire room together.

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