Create a Cozy Home with These 3 Tips

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Before we dive into the blog today, consider a situation wherein a guest visits your newly renovated place and compliments you by saying, “Your home is so cozy”. How are you gonna react? Umm, the answer to this is very simple, you will be overwhelmed with the compliment your guest gave you. And this is the kind of compliment that many of us crave, and there is nothing wrong with it. Every person dreams of having a house that is not just well built but also gives a vibe of warmth and coziness. 

A cozy home is considered the most important element of well-being. So, if you want your home to give that cozy vibe and cannot decide where to start, we are here to help you. People often feel making the house cozy requires a lot of investment in terms of money, but this is actually not true. Simple and mini moves like adjusting the lighting of your space or stashing slippers by the front doors can legit change your home into a cozy-home retreat. To assist you better, we list three tips that can help you transform your home into a cozy one.

1. Consider changing the lighting of your house


There is a reason why changing the lighting is listed down first. The reason is lighting has a lot to do with changing the atmosphere of your place. To go well with lights, try to assess the lighting situation of your place by figuring out the answers to these three questions.

-The number of light sources in your room?

-What is the design of each light, and do you approve of it?

The bulbs are warm or cool?

Once you get the answers to these questions, you are there halfway. For instance, answers to this question will help you avoid harsh and overhead lighting. Instead, opt for task lighting, table and floor lamps, scented candles, and ambiance lighting. This will helps you create clusters of illumination.

Now, speaking of the lighting temperature, to do well with this, you firstly need to understand the difference between warm and cold lighting and what temperature actually means. The temperature of the light bulb tells you how yellow (warm) or blue (cold) your bulb is. Now, you clearly know which colour light to opt for and which colours need to be banished from your place. So, gather all cold temperature bulbs and throw them because they are doing no favours

2. Opt for rugs 


Another easiest way to cozen up your space is by using rugs and textiles. The best part of using rugs is that they are not just affordable but also incorporating them does not require any kind of structural changes. At the same time, placing them on the floor will bring great warmth to your cold feet during winters. 

Remember, rigs are not meant to be placed only in the living area of your space. You can even place them in your kitchen and bathroom. Who would want to step onto a cold and damp bathroom floor after a shower during winter? No one! So, yes, consider using rugs in your space. One small tip: do not forget to use a plush bathmat in your bathroom and the rugs. 

Rugs are like artwork for the floor. So, start looking for good-quality rugs in the market and get one for your space. And if you have giant floor space, consider using small rugs of different colours to vibe up your flooring.

3. Fragrance and scent 


Using fragrances and scent are so underrated. People normally feel that investing in fragrances and scents is a waste. But this is actually not the case. Fragrances can create and add warmth to your space. Would you want your kitchen and dining area to smell like the cod you fried last night? Definitely not! 

This is where the importance of fragrances and scents creeps in. Rush to the market, and look for scents that you actually love. Try wax melts, scented candles, incense, and fresh flowers. So basically, pick whatever makes your nose happy. And trust us, you won’t regret it.

Plus, if you are looking for more tips and tricks to add warmth to your space, do not forget to contact us. We are always there for you because we offer the best interior design facilities in Singapore. 

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