Home Design Tips for Plant Enthusiasts

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Houseplants are all the rage. And for good reason-they are beautiful, affordable, beautiful and can bring the outdoors inside. Various studies have reported that being around plants gives mental peace and also adds to the positivity to the atmosphere. So, this is a good sign that plants are something that should definitely be made a part of your homes. 

If you are a plant enthusiast and are keen to know ways through which plants can be made a part of your home décor, then you have landed at the correct place. We have a team of interior designers who are well versed with the ways through which the outdoors can be made a part of indoors. And in case you also want to know how you can arrange them to make a social media worthy space, you really need to go through these tips and tricks that are nothing but a guide to incorporating plants in your space.

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1. Start simple and learn as you go: Although it may be tempting to buy every plant in the store on your first visit, start small when using plants as interior decor. Spend some time studying how to care for a few simple plants that you buy. Without completing your homework, buying a lot of plants can result in a house full of dead plants in the future.

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2.Match your plants to your design style for a cohesive look: there is nothing wrong in buying plants just because you like them. But if your plan is to make them a part of your interior then you need to keep in head several things before you start placing them in your house. If you love mid century then you should consider oversized plants like a fiddle leaf fig or rubber tree. Pair them with tall-legged planters to complete the look. And if you are someone who adores farmhouse look, opt for functional plants like herbs or aloe in vintage metal planters or repurposed pots. Eucalyptus, arrowhead vine, and succulents are also great choices.

3.Liven up your bathroom with high humidity plants: the bathroom is definitely not the first space that will cross your head when you decide to add plants to your space. The bathroom is a great place if you want to add some pieces of plants that enjoy high humidity.  Ferns, orchids, and peace lilies will all thrive with the added moisture in the air from the shower. Plus, a plant or two can add warmth to an otherwise utilitarian space in your home.

4.Add color with flowering houseplants and colorful leaves: when we talk about houseplants the first thing that we think of is greenery. However, this should actually not be the case. This is because there are plenty of colorful flowering options available that will not just add greenery to your space but at the same time will add colors to your home décor. To add bright blooms, consider African violets, bromeliads, kalanchoe, and begonias. They all add bold and unique flowers – as well as lush greenery – to your space. And if you are someone who has an inclination towards traditional houseplants that come with colorful leaves, there are again ample options available. You can definitely take a look at  croton, Chinese evergreen, calathea, and nerve plants for a subtle pop of color to brighten up any space.

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